Let’s try something a little different

Given these are novel times, unprecedented even, novel means and novel methods are needed to fully grasp the details, or rather to let the details fall away in order for another set of details to emerge; in turn, these new, seemingly unrelated details, may shed light on the immediacy and urgency of our collective situation. As a novel virus COVID-19, or SARS-cov-2, engulfs the body politic, suffocating – in real and metaphorical terms – many other mediums, I have decided to take a novel approach and release my novel in a novel manner: for free, on this website, for everyone and anyone to read. When I speak of mediums, I do not speak only abstractly, included in my use of this word are the very real people for whom there bodies mediate the world, and who have suffered or died during this pandemic. Politically, I advocate for governments taking a more concerted approach, closing all nonessential commercial business, extending cash assistance to people, unemployment benefits and accessible, universal healthcare for all.

I have not taken a penny or a pound to make this book (in fact, I have spent more than a penny and pound to make it), and I haven’t time for literary agents, publishing houses or any other delays. It’s a labor of love.

Furthermore, during a time when some two billion people are effectively under lockdown, I wanted to provide (what I think is) something like quality speculative literature, at no cost. The novel, Full Encounters With Infinite Nothingness, is being dusted and readied for publication, it will be available here within days.


Best wishes,

Tony Robert Cochran

(Antonio Puglisi)

  • featured image: Via Foria, Naples during COVID-19 State of Emergency, mid-week, by TRC

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