About TR Cochran

Tony Robert Cochran (b. 1987) is a nihologist, writer and social critic. He primarily engages with the fields of sociology, politics, art and film. His work examines / engages fine art, general aesthetics, architecture, psychoanalysis, ontology, the (UK and US) prison-industrial complex, LGBTQIA experience(s), gay male pornography, and migration/internationalism + the altermodern.

In 2018, he published, Prison As Power: Being & State Contra Negativity & Notion, a philosophical and ethnographic analysis and critique of incarceration, racism and prison-industrial complex.

Has engaged with contemporary artists and writers from Paweł Kuczyński, M Lamar, Ruben Pang, Justin Sayre, Wojtek Więckowski, Timothy DuWhite via interview and published article format.

Very interested in the present practices of contemporary artists and art formations (television, film, music, writing, etc), interrogations of ontology, sculpture-architectural analysis from Rosalind E. Krauss; the works of Michael Heizer, Nancy Holt, Robert Smithson, James Turrell, Ferreira Gullar; all with a dose psychoanalytical shadings, and an ongoing commitment to grounding of reason / experience in mediation + phenomena / senses.